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Build-to-suit Development

A client-first mentality that minimizes risk and exceeds expectations

Every build-to-suit development presents a new opportunity to raise the bar in project execution.

And Ambrose is up to the challenge.

We start by building authentic relationships and listening to stakeholders.

By taking the time to understand project goals, from budget to schedule to overall site operations, we’re able to engage the right partners and identify the right solutions.

With coast-to-coast experience, our team of professionals has built a network of relationships with high quality contractors, architects and engineering firms. This means we are able to assemble the best team based on the needs of the project – making execution anywhere in the United States easy for clients. Through creative financial structuring and risk mitigation tools, Ambrose is able to deliver projects to clients on a fixed cost basis, ensuring clients lock in their long-term financial commitment before a project starts.

The result is more than $215 million in repeat, build-to-suit experience with top clients across the country in 2020.

  • Ambrose has the capacity to handle projects of varying sizes, from $5 million to $250+ million.
  • More than half of Ambrose’s build-to-suit projects are with repeat clients.
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