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Land Development

Executing large, master-planned land parcels from vision to reality

Ambrose has over 1,600 acres of owned and controlled land in development, setting up for a future of successful projects on best-in-market land positions.

Nearly all of Ambrose’s speculative developments have been completed on land that required rezoning, entitlements and extensive infrastructure. Our team’s extensive experience coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset means cohesive, master-planned land development with forward-thinking insights.

This flexible approach has resulted in land developments taking place in arrangements with Ambrose as sole owner and also in joint ventures with landowners. We are most interested in larger land parcels with master planning capabilities.

  • Dedicated team members bring extensive civil engineering and land planning expertise.
  • With more than 1,600 acres of owned or controlled land, Ambrose focuses on large, long-term land development opportunities.
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