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Speculative Development

State-of-the-art, flexible buildings designed to accommodate future technology, trends and growth

Ambrose’s experience with speculative projects totals more than $200 million throughout the Midwest in 2020, with team members having developed speculative sites from coast-to-coast.

But we don’t just rely on this experience to inform our projects. Our team of industrial and e-commerce experts constantly seeks out new ways to improve the user experience – both now and in the future.

From tracking national trends to forging positive working relationships with communities, we strategically gain new perspectives and apply these insights to ensure that projects are designed and built in a way that positions users for success.

The result is a forward-thinking, holistic approach to logistics and e-commerce that takes into account the conditions of today and the potential of tomorrow.

  • 100% of Ambrose’s speculative developments have been leased within projected timelines.
  • 100% of Ambrose’s speculative developments have been delivered on budget and on schedule.
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